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Limelight Magazine – ‘Dancing Shadows’

logo_Limelight ‘Dancing Shadows’

“With such an outstanding pedigree it’s a crime Hyde’s music is not widely championed. ‘Dancing Shadows’ is a collection of Hyde’s chamber music for flute and piano. Swiss Australian flautist Bridget Bolliger and pianist Andrew West are wonderful advocates for this repertoire. The title recording has Bolliger doing just that , as the flautist dances up and down the entire range of the instrument ….demonstrates the impressive musicianship of Bolliger and West. Bolliger’s ravishing upper register shines in the ‘andante pastorale’ and West is a generous and skilful accompanist.”

By Sascha Kelly
April 2015

Limelight Magazine – QUINTOPIA release

“On this kaleidoscopic disc of music for wind quintet, the members of NSWQ each reveal something of their own musical personalities.”

“The wind quintet offers such a kaleidoscope of colours and characterisation that it’s surprising only a handful of composers have made significant contributions to the genre. Happily, there are superb arrangements to be had, and for their second album the New Sydney Wind Quintet has chosen some real gems.”

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